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Please see what some of our customers have to say:

“Melissa’s designs are one- of-a-kind and beautiful!  I have several pieces of jewelry from Melissa, including one that I got to make with the artist herself!  I’m a HUGE lover of jewelry and love the fact that I have pieces that no one else does.  When I wear them, I am constantly being complimented on the originality of design and beauty of the natural stones and the compliments are always followed by the phrase “OK, I have to have one of those, where did you get it?”  I love being able to say that it’s a one-of-a-kind piece made just for me by Melissa Creamer.  I would highly recommend getting a piece, or two, or three for yourself!” 

Kari, Texas

"What I love about Chrysalis Jewelry is that it is custom-made just for me.  No one else has an identical piece to mine...anywhere!  My friends have commented on my rings and are amazed when I tell them that they are custom-made. That makes me feel very special."
Mary, New York

I saw some of Melissa's work and she allowed me to pick the stones and listened to my wishes.  I wanted something casual to go with jeans and sneakers and another piece that would work for dressy occasions.  Both rings are lovely and the important thing is that they "look like me".  I am extremely pleased with the work she did and will probably add to my collection of her art in the future.

Claudia, Missouri

"Admittedly, I am not a big jewelry person, or perhaps I should say I was not a big jewelry person.  However, when Melissa Creamer started making jewelry I became very excited about her unique and original pieces.  Melissa's pieces will add a touch of flare to any outfit.  Her pieces are bold, colorful, and unlike jewelry I have ever seen anywhere else.  Inevitably when I wear one of Melissa's pieces I get many questions about where I got it.  By far my favorite part of wearing Melissa's jewelry is knowing the time, attention, and love that went into making a piece of jewelry that is unique to me."

Kara, Colorado

"Melissa’s jewelry is one-of-a-kind. I have never been one to purchase a lot of rings but when Melissa showed me some of her work I couldn’t resist. The style is creative and she has so many stones you can choose from. I have two rings and have been very pleased with the way both of them turned out. Melissa worked me one on one to make sure the style and size was just right. The turn around time was very timely. I have the added benefit of working with Melissa so I get to see all the new stuff she has made (rings, bracelets, necklaces etc) because she wears her products.

Melissa is still new to the jewelry-making business but her product is top notch and I would recommend her jewelry to anyone."

Shelly, Texas

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